Andy Wirth Regains Health To Bring Success To Squaw Valley And Lake Tahoe

Andy Wirth is best known as the CEO of the historic Squaw Valley Ski Resort in California’s Lake Tahoe region, but his life has taken him on an amazing journey that includes his battle with serious injury and a long return to good health.

The CEO of Squaw Valley and the neighboring Alpine Meadows resort has been looking to create a high quality resort for his visitors without losing the individuality and unique nature of this European style resort in the heart of the Lake Tahoe region. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

The life of Andy Wirth was almost ended a few years ago when a freak skydiving accident left his arm severed and Wirth fighting for his life; the training Wirth had as a volunteer firefighter and park ranger allowed him to recognise the fact his life was threatened by the oncoming shock of his situation.

Wirth recited the lyrics to a favorite Pearl Jam song to keep his composure and allow him to retain conscikousness as he waited for emergency services to arrive.

After returning to work following a long period of treatment and rehabilitation to allow his arm to work well in the future, Andy Wirth has returned to work and play with a gusto rarely seen in the resort management industry.

Andy Wirth has looked to use his skills in resort management to afford him the opportunity to help everybody in the Lake Tahoe region with a fast growing tourism industry. One of the main areas Andy Wirth is looking to help the local community is by improving the Lake Tahoe airport, which he has joined as chairperson of the regional air service corporation.

Alongside his assistance for the local community Andy Wirth has also looked to seek out the best ways of ensuring those who have assisted him in his return to good health are given some form of reward.

Andy Wirth was inspired by a team of Navy Seals training at his Squaw Valley resort to attempt iron ma n competitions following his accident; in return, Andy Wirth now competes in iron man competitions to raise money for the families of special forces recruits living in the U.S.