Healthier Dogs Start With A Beneful Diet

I was checking out the Daily Herald when I ran across an article talking about the changes being made in dog food and pet foods. The article,, tells us about how the pet food companies are trying to make pet foods better tasting and healthier for our pets. It speaks about how the companies are expecting to make more money in 2016. They are not stressing a lot about how expensive this new pet foods will cost the producers. Some speculate that the profits will be in the millions. I began many years ago giving my dogs Beneful dog food by Purina. My dogs love the dog food because it had both soft and crunchy in the same bag of dry food. Starting with the puppy formula, our dogs are now eating the formula for older dogs. I believe our dogs need the energy and metabolism support that the older dog formula gives them. They are now able to run around a little better than the did prior to me changing their food. The dogs are getting more support for their metabolism and a healthier start to their day. The article in the Daily Herald also tells us how one of the manufacturing chiefs actually put some soft dog food in their mouth, chewed it up, and swallowed it. He made some comment about how good the food was and that it taste like Thanksgiving. Now, this must be some good dog food. Made with real chicken, beef, and fish, the food is supposed to be a better formula for all that is eating it. Mixing a healthier food with more attention to exercise will help my dogs live longer and I know I will be continuing to purchase Beneful for the remainder of their lives. They love the dog teeth dental chews as well. Thank you Beneful for making my dogs happy. I am glad to know that they will be around for a long time.