Puff the Magic Dragon Is Getting Its Own Theme Restaurant

There are many iconic films and television shows over the course of time, Casablanca, Three’s Company, Titanic, Full House, Avatar, and Puff the Magic Dragon. While the last film may have never won an Oscar or sold millions of copies, it was a cult classic from its time. Apparently there are still some super-fans out there because soon there will be a Puff the Magic Dragon themed restaurant somewhere in the world. The creator of Rainforest Cafe, Steven Schussler, is the mastermind behind this idea, he teamed up with the wongwriters of the famous “Puff” song, Lenny Lipton and Peter Yarrow, in order to create and authentic experience. The famous children’s cartoon premiered in 1978 and was immensely popular with people of all ages. Now over fifty years later it may begin winning over some new fans from the younger generations. Little information has been released with the exception of the following, there will be a gift shop (of course) and it will be a chain. The good news about multiple locations is that people nationwide will be able to experience Puff in person while having a nice meal. Keith Mann’s Wiki page indicates that he is excited about this news.