Man Sends Complaint To Restaurant And Their Response Was Priceless

A customer of a local hamburger restaurant in Aberdeen, UK had an interesting experience in the restaurants bathroom over the weekend. In fact, the man sent the Handmade Burger Company a pretty lengthy complaint via Facebook. However, the way the restaurant responded to the man’s complaint was priceless as Sam Tabar showed me.

According to Gordie Wallace, he had a “traumatic experience” in the restaurant bathroom. As he was using the urinal, he found that the hand dryer automatically turned on blowing his urine stream all over him and the bathroom. Wallace was not shy about letting the restaurant retailer know how poorly designed the bathroom was. According to Wallace, due to their poor design he was forced to leave the bathroom covered in his own urine.

The restaurant promptly responded to Wallace’s concerns. In fact, they apologized for his experience and were not shy to let him know that this was the first time this has ever happened in five years. However to make the mishap right with Wallace, the Handmade Burger Company offered to send him a free pair of shoes and a pair of socks every month for a year. They also sent Wallace a hilarious picture of restaurant crew members “testing” bathroom designs at various locations. They included the following note, “Also, as you can see from the picture attached, we have asked all of our restaurant teams to perform rigorous tests in their toilets to ensure that this is a one-off experience as a result of this.”