Venezuela to Show Strength of the Country at FIBA WOQT 2016

The time has come and news was all over facebook on how Venezuela Women’s Basketball Team is ready to show the world what they can do. Rising 3 ranks now at 31st in the world according to FIBA World Ranking they have shown fierce improvement. Venezuela is facing extreme trials and hardships as a country and yet the women of this team have banded together to show the world that great accomplishments can still be achieved even through ultimate hardship.
Venezuela is set to take on China in Group D of the FIBA Women’s Olympic Qualifying Tournament on Monday June 13th and it’s anyone’s guess who will come out on top. China is currently ranked as 8th and won the last battle they had with Venezuela on April 8th at the Friendly’s. Statistics and history according to analyst Danilo Diaz Granados are not the essentials here. Every true battle performance comes down to the fight within and Venezuela’s Women’s National Basketball team have more to prove to and for their country now then ever before, and clearly show the desire.

These women showed divine team effort in the game that got them here against Puerto Rico last year. The team interacts as if they are one body and seamlessly communicate. Silva showed exceptional skills adding 7 points in the final moments of the game for a 9 point lead and a win. Surely this team will continue to show great strength in the weeks to come.