Taco Bell To Go Natural

The fast food chain that offers a Doritos flavored taco and Cap ‘N’ Crunch donuts holes has said that they intend to banish things such as artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup from their foods. Taco Bell announced today that they were developing a new set of standards for their ingredients such as trans fat and artificial flavors by the end of 2015. Click here for full story.

This change is occurring at a time when other fast food restaurants are having difficulty making the same decision. “In all cases they will be replaced with natural alternatives,” according to the announcement. CEO Brian Niccol told Buzzfeed that the company is committed to being a brand that can be trusted. The folks at Skout know that some of the new ingredients will cost more yet the company has no plans to increase their prices.

There will be some very significant exceptions to the new menu. Items such as beverages and co-branded items will not be altered. This means that if you crave a Doritos Locos Taco or a Cap ‘N’ Crunch donuts hole you can still find them among the healthier choices.