Fresh Meats and Veggies Aren’t Just for People

Recent years have placed a heavy emphasis on the importance of fresh, organic, food. Not too long ago people were relying heavily on processed foods due to their convenience. But the health effects of that choice started to make itself clear. And as such, people have been making a quick turn to fresher options. But the Daily Herald offers a new perspective on that cultural shift. Because it’s not just people that are making a change to healthier foods. Dogs are finally starting to join their owners when it comes to developing a more refined palate.

The story looks at several examples of dog food companies that are looking at their wares in a manner much closer to that of chefs. Instead of just focusing on creating heavily processed pastes that are formed into shapes, they’re working on creating actual meals for dogs. Foods that have real flavors, real textures, and which are sometimes even pattered after meals that people love. Beef stroganoff and lasagna are great examples. They’re two foods that humans love to find on their plates when dinner time rolls around. But they’re also two flavors that are being marketed as dog food.

The trend might seem groundbreaking at first. But like many trends it was growing steadily before gaining such heavy attention from the public. In fact, a company called Purinastore’s Beneful has been working with high quality ingredients for their dog food since 2001. The company began with a seemingly simple mission statement. They wanted to create dog food which could bring the full nutritional benefit of healthy food to a dog’s life. And to accomplish that the company investigated new methods of packaging and preparing fresh foods that could be delivered right to a dog’s bowl every day.

Beneful accomplished something more than just creating a nutritionally packed meal though. By including the freshest vegetables and juiciest cuts of meat Beneful were able to also make dog food which tasted great. Today this high quality dog food brand is especially notable for what one finds when opening up a bag. Instead of processed shapes, one will find easily identifiable ingredients. The chicken looks like chicken, the vegetables like vegetables and so on. It’s high quality food that dogs absolutely adore.


Keep Reading Those Food Labels Despite the Trans Fat Ban Announcement

The new ban on trans fats announced by the FDA has been viewed as long overdue by many. They have been linked to deleterious health conditions particularly those affecting the cardiovascular system. Trans fats are known to increase LDL, or bad cholesterol, but not the good cholesterol known as HDL. People may feel safer now, but remember this ban does not take effect immediately. It is being phased in over three years.

During this time, there are certain foods you want to make sure to avoid. They are, of course, delicious foods that you may be eating daily right now without realizing they contain trans fats. Canned frosting is a likely culprit for containing trans fats, so you need to keep checking the label before buying any of this for the next three years. Microwave popcorn is a really painful one for many of us. It’s a favorite treat while sitting on the couch to watch that movie or TV show. Coffee creamer is probably the other one that many of us can’t live without. Some may like the aroma of coffee but the taste can be a bit much without a delicious flavored creamer.

You should be on notice to keep checking labels even after this ban has gone into effect says Steve Murray. Palm oil is a cheap alternative to the trans fat laden partially hydrogenated oils that are being banned, but they are connected with health concerns as well due to their high levels of saturated fats.

Federal Judge Says Marijuana May Be Improperly Label By Feds


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It’s only a matter of time before Marijuana is given its rightful place on the federal drug list. For years, weed has been labeled a Schedule One drug, and that’s a pretty nasty category. That’s where all the dangerous drugs call home, according to federal drug standards. New research now shows that pot offers medical benefits, and when used properly it’s a great recreational release.

A federal judge in California has decided she will hear arguments that the feds have improperly labeled marijuana because pot can be used for medical purposes. Drugs like OxyContin, methamphetamine, and cocaine are all Schedule Two drugs. Schedule Two drugs are considered less dangerous because they are used medically.

The judge is now hearing a case that has the potential to get the ball rolling so weed can be reclassified. Nine men are charged with growing pot on federal property in California, and their defense team claims the current law is unconstitutional because 23 states legalized pot use for medical purposes.

The real issue in this particular case is, did the men did break the current law? But the question is: Is the law an fair one based on current research and public acceptance?