David Chang Opens New Restaurant

David Chang is one of the most admired chefs of our day. Gravity4 calls his work in the field of Asian food as widely lauded by many important publications and organizations around the world. He has helped walk Americans through his Korean heritage and helped them better understand the flavors of this region of this area. His inventive culinary creations have also helped make his restaurants a required destination for all those who enjoy an excellent meal. As his culinary expertise has received plaudits, he has decided to expand his culinary empire into new ventures. His latest effort in the field of food service opens this week.

Fuku opens in the East Village, one of New York City’s most famous neighborhoods. This area has also been the site of other Chang ventures in the past. The resturant offers diners several quality items including a highly spicy fried chicken sandwich that is modeled on the ones that Chang consumed in his youth at area fast food restaurants in his native Virginia. This version is delicately coated in spices and marinated in in authentic habanero peppers. After the sandwich is fried, it is served on a potato roll with crisp pickles and butter. The chef also plans to offer other items on the menu to help complement his signature chicken sandwich and provide diners with an upscale version of this truly classic all American favorite.

San Francisco Imposes Warnings on Sugary Drink Ads

Beneful reports that soda, pop, soft drinks, sugary drinks. Whatever you want to call them, they have long been blamed for the obesity epidemic that is plaguing our nation. Citizens and officials have done everything they can think of to help combat this epidemic from banning soft drinks and sugary drinks in schools, to banning them outright, to imposing taxes. New York City received a lot of media attention and served up controversy when it attempted to limit the size of sugary drinks and soft drinks being sold in restaurants and fast food chains. Now San Francisco is entering the war by requiring soft drink and other sugary drink manufacturers to put warning on their ads.

The effectiveness of warnings is up for debate, but to many people it is clear that something needs to be done. Obesity has skyrocketed in the last few decades, causing a score of health problems, including diabetes and heart disease. Not only are adults becoming larger, but there are more obese children than there were a few decades ago. There are many reasons for this, but it is clear that the amount of sugary drinks American consume are on the rise.

Many health officials are particularly worried about the health risks of drinking calories. Not only do most people forget to count the calories they consume in beverages, but it takes longer for a person to feel full after drinking than after eating food.

Taco Bell Changes

Taco Bell is creative, there’s no denying that. It seems that they are always unveiling new ways to up the ante, and come up with new takes on old foods. For example, they came out with the Doritos locos tacos which was a fresh and fun new take on a very basic type of food. Well Taco Bell has recently been getting more and more involved in the desert field.

For a long time they only had cinnamon twists, but every now and then a new item would get added to that list and then disappear before we know it. Currently, Taco Bell is selling Cinnabon donuts, but it seems that they are taking an even more creative twist on that!

Reddit has just unveiled that Taco Bell has created Cap’n Crunch covered donuts! They look and sound delicious, but while they are eliminating artificial ingredients in their other menu items they have decided that these treats will be exempt. Which goes to show that they probably won’t have any nutritional value to them, not to mention the calories, but they will probably be delicious!

So Taco Bell and donut fanatics alike have to wait just a short while longer. Daniel Amen was excited to tell goodreads.com that the product will be hitting restaurants on July 2nd. That dessert will have artificial colors and flavors, but that won’t be stopping people from scooping these treats up. It’s the perfect snack to enjoy this summer!

Multi-Level Marketing With QNET

Marketing has gone global, and commerce has evolved into an online version of it, e-commerce. E-commerce is basically the operation of a business enterprise through the internet. That’s where traditional marketing takes an interesting twist.

As more products are discovered and produced, more marketing companies have taken their ventures a notch higher; covering a larger geographical area in a bid to extend into the global market. One such company is QNET.

QNET is a multi-level marketing company based and headquartered in Malaysia, but that doesn’t mean this popular entity doesn’t have a footing across the rest of Asia. For instance, this company recently entered the Indian market, and it’s already creating a buzz. In fact, according to YahooNews, QNET has identified a very potent opportunity in India and it’s even planning to shift its production to that country and make it a hub for regional manufacturing activities, and not without a reason.

QNET has enjoyed an impressive revenue inflow from India over the last year, estimated at about 100%. However, that’s not the only thing this great company is good at. In order to nurture local talent and stimulate growth, QNET has pledged a significant amount of its resources in propping up anyone creative enough to come up with something unique. If the product adheres to the set quality standards, it’s given a boost in marketing.

This is how it operates: QNET markets its products to the consumers directly. The consumers buy the product and if they bring in more customers, they’re offered a further discount on their purchases besides enjoying some incentives during product promotions. Any smart consumer would want that.

In a nut-shell, QNET is the perfect type of entity that can very positively impact the global market, and that’s very welcome. They also have their InShape program to help even more.

New Coffee Drink for Lasting Energy

A brand new coffee drink has become all the new rage across America. In this FastCompany news article there have been many claims about the intense energy lift it gives people and also clarity of mind. Some people are using it as a weight loss supplement, and some just drink it so they can have the energy to push themselves through grueling work days and still be able to keep going for their families at the end of the day. Everyone has different opinions of the new “bulletproof coffee“.

For those who haven’t heard of the new way to drink coffee, HuffPost suggests it is definitely not your usual latte. Founder Dave Asprey explains that standard coffee is first brewed from beans that experts on the drink say must be low in mold content. Next, some fattening ingredients must be added in to Bulletproof Coffee, clarified butter and MCT oil. Clarified butter is butter that has been heated until melted and then allowed to solidify. When it is cooled completely, the layers of butter and water are separated. The water is then poured off, and you are left with strictly butter fat. It can be found pre-clarified in supermarkets or made at home. MCT oil is a manufactured medium chain triglyceride oil that is supposed to aid in weight loss. Health experts say that it is better to use coconut oil instead because it is a natural MCT oil found in nature, and it has added health benefits to using it.

To make the drink, a high speed mixer is used. Some people prefer hand mixers and some use a blender. About two tablespoons of clarified butter and two tablespoons of MCT oil are added in to a cup of hot coffee. The mixture is blended well and drank with no added milk or sugar. It is said to have a creamy taste similar to a latte that will sustain energy levels for hours and aid in rapid weight loss. Anyone trying Bulletproof Coffee is recommended to start with small amounts of MCT oil at first. If using coconut oil, it has detoxifying effects on the body which can be harsh if consuming too much of it too quickly.

Taco Bell Is Getting Rid Of Low Grade Meat

It is absolutely wonderful that the world and even fast food chains are becoming more aware and responsible when it comes to health and eating right. According to an article found on reddit and written by Grub Street, Just last year the famous Mexican taco brand, Taco Bell, was in a spot of defensiveness when it came to their choice of ingredients in their foods. Even though I think any patron of the chain would argue that it simply just tastes great the way it is, there is still something missing about the way it makes us feel in sync with our bodies.

Healthy food is the newest trend, and Brazilian investor Igor Cornelsen points out that it is a good one too. With all of the technology and research being done these days it is easier for people to understand why it is so important for us to stay up to date with our health. Diseases are easier to prevent and weight gain is something that we have been a lot more conscience of in recent times. It is good that people are able know these things and that the food chains are aware that this eating healthy trend could cost them fewer customers, and if you can’t beat them, join them. By getting rid of the gross food that they once served they will not only retain their current fan base but they will also have an opportunity to recruit some new fans who do eat in that healthy new style.

Puff the Magic Dragon Is Getting Its Own Theme Restaurant

There are many iconic films and television shows over the course of time, Casablanca, Three’s Company, Titanic, Full House, Avatar, and Puff the Magic Dragon. While the last film may have never won an Oscar or sold millions of copies, it was a cult classic from its time. Apparently there are still some super-fans out there because soon there will be a Puff the Magic Dragon themed restaurant somewhere in the world. The creator of Rainforest Cafe, Steven Schussler, is the mastermind behind this idea, he teamed up with the wongwriters of the famous “Puff” song, Lenny Lipton and Peter Yarrow, in order to create and authentic experience. The famous children’s cartoon premiered in 1978 and was immensely popular with people of all ages. Now over fifty years later it may begin winning over some new fans from the younger generations. Little information has been released with the exception of the following, there will be a gift shop (of course) and it will be a chain. The good news about multiple locations is that people nationwide will be able to experience Puff in person while having a nice meal. Keith Mann’s Wiki page indicates that he is excited about this news.

Man Leaves Restaurant $2,000 Tip

Sam Tabar has always said paying it forward seems to be a new trend these days, and there is no better way to do it anonymously than to leave an insanely large tip. A restaurant in the Washington D.C. area, at a place called Blue 44, got a very generous donation from a man who just ordered a few quarts of of gumbo.

According to an article found on reddit and written by NBC Washington, the mysterious man placed an order for $93 and when the staff told him that it was on the house not only did he pay his fee but he also left a $2000 dollar tip for the workers at the place. He instructed that the chef should get $1000 of it, $500 for the owner and $500 for the waitress who took his order.

It is always so nice when we hear stories like this because with all of the hate and bad things that go on in the world it is really refreshing that someone can give money away like that without wanting anything else in return. I am sure that this little gift will send the employees of the restaurant into a wonderful high and it will help them stay motivated to excel at their jobs. This was a great news story to share with everyone and hopefully someone else will read this and want to follow suit with a similar action.

Taco Bell To Go Natural

The fast food chain that offers a Doritos flavored taco and Cap ‘N’ Crunch donuts holes has said that they intend to banish things such as artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup from their foods. Taco Bell announced today that they were developing a new set of standards for their ingredients such as trans fat and artificial flavors by the end of 2015. Click here for full story.

This change is occurring at a time when other fast food restaurants are having difficulty making the same decision. “In all cases they will be replaced with natural alternatives,” according to the announcement. CEO Brian Niccol told Buzzfeed that the company is committed to being a brand that can be trusted. The folks at Skout know that some of the new ingredients will cost more yet the company has no plans to increase their prices.

There will be some very significant exceptions to the new menu. Items such as beverages and co-branded items will not be altered. This means that if you crave a Doritos Locos Taco or a Cap ‘N’ Crunch donuts hole you can still find them among the healthier choices.

How to Find the Best Produce this Spring

The spring and summer seasons are wonderful for finding delicious foods and produce that you would not be able to find any other time during the year. The problem so many people have is knowing where to go to get both the best produce and the best price on that produce. The truth of the matter is that many stores sell produce during the spring and summer, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best quality and is at the lowest price. Sam Tabar knows that one thing you can do is to compare different produce prices before going to local supermarkets. This will let you know which stores have the best prices and what the best options are for you.

Many other people are finding that farmer’s markets are a great option for their own budgets. The farmer’s market you go to will have produce that is grown by organic farmers, so you know exactly what types of foods you are buying. You definitely want to think about finding out if there are any other types of farming markets in your area and the people who will be there who have grown their own produce. Once you know which markets are there for you, you will know exactly what options are there for you and which types of foods and items are going to be sold that you can quite easily buy from these professionals.