Federal Judge Says Marijuana May Be Improperly Label By Feds


I definitely agree with what Zeca Oliveira said on meucongressonacional.com,

It’s only a matter of time before Marijuana is given its rightful place on the federal drug list. For years, weed has been labeled a Schedule One drug, and that’s a pretty nasty category. That’s where all the dangerous drugs call home, according to federal drug standards. New research now shows that pot offers medical benefits, and when used properly it’s a great recreational release.

A federal judge in California has decided she will hear arguments that the feds have improperly labeled marijuana because pot can be used for medical purposes. Drugs like OxyContin, methamphetamine, and cocaine are all Schedule Two drugs. Schedule Two drugs are considered less dangerous because they are used medically.

The judge is now hearing a case that has the potential to get the ball rolling so weed can be reclassified. Nine men are charged with growing pot on federal property in California, and their defense team claims the current law is unconstitutional because 23 states legalized pot use for medical purposes.

The real issue in this particular case is, did the men did break the current law? But the question is: Is the law an fair one based on current research and public acceptance?

David Chang to Offer Special Sauce


Famed restaurant owner David Chang is known for his inventive cuisine that fuses the Korean flavors of his childhood with contemporary American cooking methods. His use of ingredients and techniques has been widely hailed in varied media. Chang owns and runs several restaurants in the New York City area. His latest venture will help bring the flavors of his food to people around the country. Momofuku, the chef’s flagship restaurant, has tweeted that the company will offer a special sauce for customers around the country to taste.

From what Brad Reifler told me, no details have been released on reuters.com about the specific composition of the sauce yet. However, the sauce is expected to use the traditional flavors that Chang is known for using in his restaurant. Those watching the company anticipate that the sauce will include specific notes of heat and sweet in the same bottle. The sauce is also expected to draw on standard Asian spices such as peppers, coriander, anise and salt as well as miso and soy. Restaurant officials have stated that it will be called Ssäm Sauce and provide tasters with a spicy kick of chilis and other flavor notes.