Logan Stout Is Changing Lives Through ID Life

Logan Stout is a businessman who has achieved a lot in his successful career. When growing up, Logan loved playing baseball and other types of sports. The young man was always looking for special ways to win in the classroom, on the sports field or when working in hobby projects. Stout acquire his high school education at J.J. Pearce High School, based in Texas. While in high school, Logan was a member of the student athletic council. He was always a star student in school, and he also earned the MVP titles in his senior and junior seasons.


Logan Stout’s mind was naturally wired for success. This spirit led him to become a professional baseball athlete. The young man was on the field most of the time, playing or coaching other players. Later on, he went to Panola for his degree in business. He also studied psychology at the prestigious University of Dallas. While studying, Logan acquired several titles due to his success in sports.

Healthy Living

Mr. Logan Stout always had a forward thinking mentality, and it has led him to become of the most successful businessmen in the world. Although he is still involved in training, coaching and ministering, Logan decided to help people attain the best in their health. Logan believes that when people focus on the health of their body, soul, and mind, it is easy to achieve success. The realization enabled him to develop several healthcare products known as ID Life. The businessman supplies energy supplements, shakes, sleep strips and weight management pills.

ID Life

ID Life was established by Logan Stout several years ago, and it has done very well under his leadership. The company focuses on wellness and health products, and it has been in the forefront for personalized nutrition. Since its introduction in the modern marker, the health and wellness company has transformed the lives of many through its unique business model and its product offering. The products from the company are found in all parts of the world at the moment. People who have worked with ID Life say that they experienced a change in their overall life after using the products given.

How Norman Pattiz Is Proving That Podcasts Are The Right Choice For Advertisers

When you are a business or brand that needs to reach new audiences in order to convert new customers it can be hard to find the right marketing solution for your company. As many marketers know one of the best ways to hold onto existing customers and to connect with new customers is purchase advertising with a media company.

The trouble is media is being transformed and disrupted at a pretty quick pace which means that there can be an overwhelming amount of choices to choose from. There are the traditional stalwarts of television and print media advertising but with new players in the media game like the digital video platform YouTube, influencers on sites like Instagram and the fact that more readers are choosing to consume their news online versus in print it can be hard to decide which advertising solutions on these various forms of media are the right choice for a brand.

Nowadays listeners who were once only relegated to consuming audio through a radio station now have thousands of choices to listen to via podcasts. This form of media seems to be coming into its own a development that was arguably marked by the success of the investigative crime podcast Serial where a journalist looked into a court case involving murder.

A new generation of “radio” talent is dominating the airwaves with nothing more than a microphone and a compelling point of view at their disposal.

While podcasts might not necessarily go “viral” the way that video content or text-based content might, the audiences that they draw do tend to be far more loyal and engaged than the drive-by audiences that are drawn to a funny 30 second clip of a cat doing something unusual or to a witty tweet about a popular television show.

The podcast advertising market is not as developed as advertising markets that have been around much longer such as programmatic display advertising for digital media or the advertising model that funds the world of network and cable television.

Fortunately people like Norman Pattiz are changing this. Norman is a media professional who has leveraged his background in radio to launch PodcastOne, one of the most successful podcast networks.

Pattiz’s podcast network is home to some of the most intriguing voices in entertainment such as comedian Adam Corrolla, Jersey Shore star Snookie, boxing champion Laila Ali and television personality Ross Matthews. PodcastOne recently partnered with Edison Research to release a study that showed that podcast advertisements do have a positive impact on consumer’s awareness of and affinity for the brands that purchase them.

Learn more about Norman Pattiz: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/network-chairman-norman-pattiz-announces-230000022.html

The “No Poo” Method For Radiant Hair

The “No Poo” method is a recent trend, in which participants skip shampooing altogether. While this is a counterintuitive way to fight grease and buildup, it is supported by research on the hair follicle. Typical shampoos use harsh chemicals to repeatedly strip the hair follicle of sebum, a natural oil produced to moisturize hair. When sebum is stripped frequently, the hair follicle becomes trained to overproduce these natural oils, resulting in a greasy-looking scalp. This necessitates the need to shampoo again, which results in a vicious cycle of stripping hair and excess oil.

The “No Poo” method involves a hiatus from shampooing; begin by shampooing less frequently, reducing shampoo sessions until none are required at all. When beginning the “No Poo” method, expect an adjustment period of 2-6 weeks, where the scalp will be slightly more greasy than usual. This is normal, as hair follicles are recalibrating to produce a natural amount of oil. Daily brushing is recommended in order to redistribute natural oils throughout hair. Additionally, the use of a cleansing conditioner can help to remove buildup from strands while leaving the natural follicular sebum in tact.

The Wen by Chaz Dean hair care line has several reputable cleansing conditioners. Wen products are dedicated to holistic hair health. Wen products gently cleanse hair, removing buildup without disturbing hair’s natural oils. This results in radiant, soft strands that are evenly moisturized from scalp to tip. Wen Hair products are greatly helpful in embracing the “No Poo” method.

Watch YouTube for more reviews about WEN products.

Dr Chris Villanueva is a Breath of Fresh Air in the Dental Field

Dr Chris Villanueva is both the CEO and founder of MB2 Dental. In an interview at Ideamensch, he explained that the idea to establish the organization was hatched so that he can have a model that catered for the two existing worlds in the industry. This is because, after Dental school, one could either join a large association of dentists or start their private practice. Villanueva had worked on both sides of the industry, and therefore he had the relevant knowledge to ensure that his business was successful.


In his interview, Dr Villanueva explained that he loves working at night and that most of his ideas come to him at night when he is relaxed or randomly when he is having lunch or playing video games with his children. Additionally, he surrounds himself with a group of smart, innovative and outspoken personnel who always have great ideas. Dr Chris also explains that as a CEO, one needs to inspire his staff and stay away from them so that they can implement the institution’s vision.


Dr Villanueva explains his excitement of new technology and the role it plays in the dental industry innovations resulting in enhanced client experience. He explains that his humorous nature is one of the things that has made him more productive as an entrepreneur and explains that having a unique culture at work creates honesty and an open work environment.


Dr Villanueva felt that dentists needed a specialized assistance with no strings attached and it is why he founded MB2 Dental. Since its founding, the establishment has sustained practitioners in approximately 70 cities in six states, had 533 staffs and an executive leadership team. Moreover, the corporation has transformed the dental industry for both Dentists and patients. This is because the doctors help each other and therefore achieve better results as opposed to working independently.


When asked why his Dental Company was different from the rest, Dr Chris Villanueva explained that the conventional dental practice management was drab and uninspired. But his dental company brought something new to the industry that not only focused on revenue margins but also the welfare of the practitioners and their patients.


Besides, the MB2 owners attend two annual retreats annually where they meet with same-minded professionals in the industry. For instance, in past retreats, the dentists have taken part in white-water rafting and trips to Cabo San Lucas.

Fashion Mogul Adam Goldenberg Shares Success Secrets

Boasting of a hugely prosperous career, serial entrepreneur Adam Goldenberg is well accustomed to ‘big years.’ Throughout his career, Adam has enjoyed unparalleled success, going way back to the late nineties. His first notable transaction was the sale of his gaming enterprise to Intermix. He later established Intelligent Beauty, which flourished rapidly, allowing him to team up with Don Ressler to inaugurate JustFab.

Within its short period of operation, JustFab has gained enormous traction among its followers. This is signal that Adam Goldenberg’s foresight is not dumbfounded, and will eventually come to pass. Through the purchase of the footwear franchise ShoeDazzle and a couple of fundraisers, JustFab came up with an enormous $55 million. Further, the company has adopted a unique way of marketing, using celebrity stylists. This strategy has proven to be a huge success, as it has resulted in the extensive growth of the firm, with new subsidiaries being established on hudl.com. Fabletics, a strong outfit brand, is one of the divisions of JustFab that ascribes its inception to this initiative.

Adam Goldenberg revealed that the unprecedented success is as a consequence of focusing on metrics. He stated that by keeping a keen eye on user data, the institution could react promptly and appropriately to evolving trends. Adam further said that all sides are considered while analyzing the statistics –both positive and adverse. With the sharing of undesirable numbers, staff identify where it all went wrong, go back to the drawing board, and formulate corrective strategies.

Additionally, JustFab considers client opinions’ as a key pillar in the company’s operations. However, this policy was embraced at a steep price. In early days, the business incurred losses, primarily because customers thought their products were exorbitantly overpriced. As a consequence, the firm created a task force whose sole job is to interact with the clientele to determine the price ranges that work for both parties.

Though academic and professional credentials are scrutinized during employee intakes at JustFab, they are not the primary determinants for hiring. In addition to the prerequisites mentioned above, the establishment looks for passionate individuals. Adam disclosed that the fashion industry demands zealous personalities. If not, it is just a recipe for disaster. The importance of this character to the enterprise is underlined by its mantra, which is ‘Be Passionate.’

Moreover, JustFab provides mentorship to the outstanding employees of the form. In Adam’s opinion, executives should drop average workers for top achievers. He argued that empowering exemplary minds will prove to be more efficient than trying to bridge the gap by seeking to improve below par staff.

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What you need to know about Andrea McWilliams

Current Position and Career History

Andrea McWilliams was born and raised in Congress Avenue near Texas Capital, but currently, she lives in Old Enfield together with three children she is raising .More so, she is a national political commentator. McWilliams also acts as a political strategist with many media houses including: NPR, BBC, CNN, USA Today, News Week, Wall Street Journal, and Fox News. Andrea is at the moment the leading political fundraiser. Also, Andrea McWilliams is the co-founder of McWilliams, which is a full-service firm having consultants of government affairs. To open the firm, Andrea combined her experience and talents with those of her husband Dean. Today, the firm is highly respected and have earned national, state and local trust.

Campaign Fundraisers involved Attended

Andrea McWilliams has been part of KillCancer and Breast Cancer Foundation, which are non-profit groups committed to fighting cancer. She has also been made the honorary chair of Mamma Jamma Ride, which has raised several million dollars channeled to helping those individuals struggling with cancer. To show her support for the Child Protection Center, Andrea volunteered as a celebrity dancer during a fundraising event organized at the opening of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Awards and Philanthropies

Andrea McWilliams has won numerous awards mainly due to her charitable work. The most notable ones includes the “Woman of Distinction Award” which was presented to her by Central Texas’ Girl Scouts. She also received “Austin under 40 Award” several years ago, with the Austin American-Statesman honoring her by adding her to the glossy eight list. Finally, she has received a “Style Setter Award” presented to her by Austin fashion week due to her dedication to helping non-profit organizations.

Andrea McWilliams is a political strategist, fundraiser, and commentator. She has been involved in charitable work especially in the fight against cancer, and numerous contributions which have earned her several awards.

Get More Out OF Your Financial Institution

NexBank is a very popular financial institution located in Dallas, Texas and spearheaded by John Holt who is their current CEO. He admits that his bank focuses on personal accounts with an emphasis on commercial, institutional, and investment accounts. They ensure that their clients will receive an innovative platform that gives them access their money anytime. NexBank is one of the largest online financial institutions in the industry. PRN News did a recent report on their common equity gain that has led to an expansion of their general counsel. Become a part of a leading financial institution and get access to your hard earned money anytime.

Leading Bank Raises Unprecedented Common Equity

How important is it for you to have a financial institution that is backing your funds? NexBank is an amazing online financial institution that has acquired over $2.4 million dollars in common equity. In total, NexBank is proud to say they have well over $40 million dollars in assets. Your money is backed by major common equity and FDIC insurance for their valuable banking customers. They also ensure individuals to invest in their retirement plan and prepare for their future.

NexBank Features And Services

– Free checks

– Free direct deposit

– Free online bill pay

– Commercial accounts

– Mortgage accounts

– IRA accounts

and more…

Become a part of a financial institution that puts their customers first. You have the option of having access to your money at any time. Check your account balance or switch money in between accounts with your smartphone, tablet, or pc. They provide their customers with the benefits of saving on college tuition and other college expenses. Contact a friendly professional and get more information on their secure financial accounts.

Kabbalah Has Become Popular with Numerous Hollywood Celebrities

Kabbalah is an ancient spiritual mysticism that supports Judaism. Both beliefs were founded about the same time in history when the Jewish nation left Egypt and moved to Israel. Kabbalah was studied by the Jewish rabbis and other high spiritual people, but it is not a religion. When students study Kabbalah, they learn through practical principles that allow the student to make better decisions and find the joy that is in every one.

Hollywood celebrities who are non-Jewish are discovering the benefits of Kabbalah and attend the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre. Stars such as Madonna, Sandra Ballard, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are a few who have accepted the Kabbalah principles and improved their lives. Sandra says that when she attends the L.A. Kabbalah Centre, she can apply the principles and 80 percent of the chaos in her life leaves. Finding the joy in your life and reducing stress are goals of Kabbalah.

When the first Kabbalah Centre was established by Rav Ashtag in 1922, Kabbalah became open to anyone who was interested in it. The elder Kabbalists were instructors who taught students the spiritual wisdom from that had been found on ancient documents. The Centres grew in number around the globe, and today there are Kabbalah Centres in 40 cities worldwide.

The Los Angeles Centre is one of the first Centres founded in the United States, and it is one of the largest. The Centre is open for classes, meditations, dinners for fellowship and volunteer events to help the unfortunate. It is also the central facility for all announcements and conferences, and is the location of the online Kabbalah Centre. Anyone who has the Internet can go to Kabbalah.com and see messages from Karen Berg, spiritual studies and everything that is focused on Kabbalah.



The Untold Tales about America through the eyes of a Traveler – The Greyhound Diaries

Doug Levitt took thirteen years to travel more than 120000 miles across America discovering different things about the American people that are not easy to find. This journey once saw Doug spend seven weeks on a bus. In his tales, he recounts of a time when he met and spent more than twenty hours of bus ride hours with a neo-Nazi. The first impression was scary but it turned out that the guy offered him a sandwich and the seats to sleep as he took the floor. It may not be a common occurrence for Doug to meet neo-Nazis but coming across the forgotten America is something that he encounters on a daily basis.

The Greyhound Diaries started out as part of his art project. This former LA journalist has discovered a lot that he documents in his part art-research project. He has covered all the 120000 miles using the Greyhound bus, which started out as a last minute resort means of travel. He has met a number of ex-convicts on his travels since ex-convicts are given a state bus pass.

At one point, he traveled with one who explained the prison system for the whole 20 hours. He explained of how racial divisions were the order of the day and how convicts quickly turned into white supremacists. This forms the basis of the greyhound diaries. Recounts of what it is like.

Back in 2004, Levitt took part in the john Kerry voter registration process and his travels helped increase voter registration and awareness. His travels fascinated him since his financial status and middle class family level had never opened him up to the opportunity of meeting the kind of people that he did during his travels. For his using the Greyhound to travel availed the opportunity of seeing America in a new light.

About Doug Levitt

Doug Levitt is a Jewish artist who abandoned his journalism position as an international war correspondent for CNN to travel around America. He has covered over 120000 miles by the Greyhound bus accumulating fascinating experiences and discoveries as part of his research and art project. his experience on the road has revealed a lot of information that politicians also use today.

Fabletics Succeeding in Amazon’s World

Prevailing in Fashion when Amazon presently controls 20% of the form web based business market is no easy accomplishment yet that is the thing that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is doing, growing a $250 million business in three years. A portion of “activewear” development at Fabletics utilizes a membership technician to pitch garments to its clients. The preface is basic. Clients like brands that are optimistic and that push the individual a bit. Blend this with accommodation and enrollment and you have an efficient combination.


High esteem brands have generally been characterized by cost and nature of the merchandise but more recent financially focused moves imply this mix is no longer sufficient. Rather, things like last-mile benefits, client encounters, mark acknowledgment, restrictive plan, and gamification components are progressively vital to the new determiners of what is high-esteem to the present day shopper.


Fabletics supports “turn around showrooming”


Dissimilar to partners who are “getting slaughtered” by showrooming, where individuals browse offline then purchase things less expensive somewhere else, Fabletics have turned the business model around. Rather than a negative, Fabletics have transformed browsing into a positive. Fabletics could have gone the traditional route however their present methodology empowers them to fabricate connections. They are depending on becoming acquainted with the nearby markets more effectively through occasions and different exercises. Subsequently, half of the general population that stroll through the entryway are as of now individuals, and another 25% get to be individuals in store.


Development is because of an emphasis on openness, individuals and culture


Fabletics is not without its difficulties. As the organization develops and moves into new domains (and with new contenders) the adjusted way of life, purchaser training, and client encounter is by all accounts paying off.“ The growth rate for the brand is 35% year after year“ said Shawn Gold, Corporate Marketing Officer for parent organization TechStyle Fashion Group. “Growth is a factor of having a quality product at a great price, an authentic spokesperson and in-house media and creative teams that scale Fabletics across 10 counties based on data science and return on investment”, he included.


And from a buyer’s point of view, well, they are very satisfied as you are going to see :


“For the price paid, the quality is much higher than I was expecting. The leggings rival the quality of the Lululemon Underwunders I own: They are thick (no see through issues here – I had one of my yoga instructors confirm that too); they have great compression (i.e. they make my legs and booty look good); they hold their shape and compression over time; and they don’t fade. The tops have been really soft and high quality too.”


Each and every customer was fully satisfied with the products Fabletics have offered and they sure have their reasons!